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Right Wing and Anti-Indian Network Project (RWAIN)

Originally sponsored by CWIS beginning in 1986. The Center conducted this project to study the phenomenon of population displacement by non-tribal members experienced by Indian nations in the United States. The study was conducted in cooperation with Indian Tribes, local organizations, the Western States Center and the Center for Democratic Renewal. The project examined and updated data for events in the United States of America, with a new phase beginning in 1996 with a focus on Canada. In 2004 and the years beyond, Anti-Indian organizing continues unabated.
» Click here to view or download "Anti-Indian Movement on the Tribal Frontier," an article written by Dr. Rudolph C. Rÿser.
» Click here to read about new efforts to consolidate the Anti-Indian Movement in David Neiwert's online essay, "The Last Indian War " (Neiwert is a former national award-winning journalist and current editor of Orcinus.) As Neiwert notes, land remains at the bottom of efforts to remove Indian people from Indian reservations. Learn more too about how the Anti-Indian Movement has consolidated power in the US Congress, in the Executive Branch and in the Courts. Current research includes analyzing "Indian Removal" in the United States as a pattern repeated in countries like Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Burma, and Australia.