Heidi G Bruce MA

Heidi Bruce
  • Core Staff - Co-Director and Senior Researcher
  • FWJ Author -
  • Associate Scholar - Scholar Practitioner
  • Intern: former - Indigenous Knowledge and Food Security Research Assistant
Region:North AmericaBiographical Information:Heidi Bruce was born and raised in a trilingual (English, Spanish and German) home in Alaska, USA. She is a researcher, educator and writer. She holds an undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology and a masters degree in Intercultural Service, Leadership and Management from the SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont, USA. Her work focuses on Fourth World geopolitics, human migration, climate change mitigation and partnership studies. She serves as Co-Director and Senior Researcher for the Center for World Indigenous Studies; and is Managing Editor of the Fourth World Journal and a contributing researcher to YES! Magazine. She can be reached via email: heidi at cwis.org