CWIS/CTM Interns

Annually we receive more than 100 internship applications for onsite internships and remote internships lasting 3 months and more. We are pleased to note that we are able to employ some of these interns after they have completed their term.

Valérie Nguyen, completed her studies in Philosophy and Retoric at the University of california--Berkeley and became an intern at the Center focusing on traditional healing arts (mycology) as well as a study about Rohingya conflict transformation in this muslim population's relations with the Buddhist majority of Burma. She continues her work into 2015.

Susan R. McCleary is a doctoral student at the University of Edinburgh focusing on permaculture research with the Northwest Indian Alcoholism Treatment Center and several US NW tribal communities.

Janna Lafferty is a doctoral learner in the Department of Global and Sociocultural Studies at Florida International University concentrating on critical food studies and cultural geography. She continues her work with a focus on food sovereignty working with tribal communities in the US Pacific Northwest.