CWIS Fellows

We are proud to benefit from the extraordinary experience and knowledge of activists and scholars who contribute to the body of knowledge we call Fourth World Literature. CWIS Fellows are outstanding contributors to local, regional, countrywide and international dialogues on international policy (climate change, UNDRIP, Biodiversity, international trade, etc), traditional healing, Plant Medicines, healing arts, ancient knowledge systems, as well a Fourth World governance, history and current events analysis.

The Center is pleased to host two extraordinary Fellows:

ALYSSA MACY is the CWIS Fellow for International Policy. She holds a Masters of Public Policy with an emphasis on international economic policy and development. She was awarded her degree by the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota (USA) and was awarded a Wilder Research Fellowship.

ELISE KROHN is the CWIS Fellow for Ethnobotany and Nutrition. She earned her Masters in Education - Traditional Foods and Medicines from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA and a Certificate in Traditional Healing Arts and Sciences from the Center for World Indigenous Studies/Center for Traditional Medicine.

Both of these remarkable scholars join in the continuing work of the Center conducting there own projects, writing and contributing to the Fourth World Journal and advising on CWIS projects.