FWJ Submission Policy

Submission Requirements

Submitting Manuscripts:

Submissions may be articles, essays, book reviews, commentaries, or reports that address current developments or events, and refereed articles that are final papers or essays that the author submits for peer review.

  • Indicate if you are submitting a manuscript for peer review or for general publication.
  • Manuscripts may be 2,000 to 6,000 words, plus references.
  • Manuscripts may be submitted in ASCII text or Microsoft Word formats.
  • Use 12 point Times or Times Roman with 1 inch margins.
  • Place foot notes at the end of the manuscript using conventional footnote numbering system.
  • Provide graphics separately in "jpg" or "gif" format at minimum 300 dpi or 72 dpi for web.
  • Provide tables and graphs as separate files.
  • Prepare with your submission a biographical sketch of the author at the end of the manuscript with name, address, telephone, email address.

Submission Agreement

Mere submission of a manuscript does not guarantee publication. The Author understands that the Center for World Indigenous Studies, Fourth World Journal or DayKeeper Press will consider manuscripts for general publication or peer reviewed (refereed) manuscripts, and the editorial board may agree to publish contingent upon editorial adjustments. If the manuscript has been approved for publication it may appear in the next succeeding edition of Fourth World Journal or a later journal edition. Publication will occur within 18 months of approval for publication. The author understands that digital copies of materials or hardcopies of materials will not be returned (upon denial of publication) unless the author request deletion of the digital information by written request and or in the case of hardcopies the author provides a self-addressed stamped envelope in denominations sufficient for successful return.


The copyrights and all other rights to any manuscript published in the Fourth World Journal shall be reserved to the Center for World Indigenous Studies, Fourth World Journal in the United States of America and World wide unless copyrights are reserved by the author by mutual agreement between the author and the Center for World Indigenous Studies, Fourth World Journal. In any case, subsequent use of Fourth World Journal published manuscripts in other publications must carry the following citation:

Fourth World Journal, Center for World Indigenous Studies, Vol ( ), Number ( ) Date URL (if digitally retrieved)

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