Fourth World Journal

The Fourth World Journal (FWJ) is the world's leading publication for ideas and analysis about and by writers from some of the world's more than six thousand Fourth World nations. Leading activists and scholars contribute lively and informative articles and essays and reveal what otherwise often remains hidden.

FWJ delivers to the reader Peer Reviewed Scholarly articles, current events analysis, new ideas and thorough scholarship that explains the "seen and unseen" world and current events. Authors address topics such as climate change and the environment, political change, history, economics, social change, healing arts and medicine, traditional knowledge systems and the creative arts.

FWJ was the first publication to print Dr. David C. Hyndman's analysis of how the government of Indonesia introduced biological warfare in its offensive war against West Papua's indigenous nations (Summer 1989). FWJ well-informed readers have access to Informative and incisive articles like "U.S. Expropriates Tribal Lands Legally," and an analysis of the "World Bank's Tribal Economic Policy" were first published in FWJ and were only later cited by other publications referring to the pages of FWJ. Articles and essays as varied as "The Human Rights Situation in Africa" by Moringe Parkipuny of Massai and "Potlatch Economics, a Lummi Perspective" by Larry Kinley have enriched scholar's understanding of Fourth world Peoples today. Authors such as Dr. Leslie E. Korn from the Center for Traditional Medicine contribute critical analysis of traditional health and healing while authors from India, Spain, Germany, Mexico, the Philippines, Australia and Ghana have made major contributions to new Fourth World knowledge in the pages of FWJ. CWIS Research Associates and Associate Scholars from around the world make their contributions as well.

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