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Firefox has the option to include small programs called add-ons. ScribeFire is a wonderful add-on that will let you write, edit, and delete your posts to this journal. You must be using the Firefox web browser for this to work. It is not necessary that you use ScribeFire but you may prefer it to logging in.

Steps to adding ScribeFire to your browser:

  1. Go to and use the “Add to Firefox” button.

  2. You will then have a small orange button at the lower right of Firefox that was not there before.

  3. Click this button. ScribeFire button

  4. Enter for the address and click “Continue” or “Next”.FWE ScribeFire Step 4

  5. It will select the correct information so click “Continue” or “Next” again.FWE ScribeFire Step 5

  6. Then enter your username and password you used to sign up at to connect.FWE ScribeFire Step 6

  7. Click “Continue” or “Next” to confirm your account.FWE ScribeFire Step 7

  8. Click “Done” or “Next” and you will be connected.FWE ScribeFire Step 8

  9. From this point on you will see the Fourth World Eye listed at the right in ScribeFire. Clicking this will connect you when you’re ready to post.FWE ScribeFire Step 9

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