Beautiful Children

Fourth World Eye

Archive 2004-2007

Issue 19 –Taking a New Path instead of changing course

Five and one-half years since the names Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda became part of the language of fear in many parts of the world the global rein of terror organized by a non-governmental organization has found a home inside Pashtunistan. What was a non-governmental organization has become a global movement. The New York Times editors lament in the 25 February 2007 edition of that paper: “Having failed to finish off Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Washington now finds itself fighting Qaeda-affiliated groups on multiple fronts, most recently in Somalia. more >>

Issue 18 – Chronicles of brutality in Nigeria 2000-2006

Note: This article contains graphic content.

In the past 6 years, there have been gross abuses of human rights, extra judicial killing and other abuses suffered by members of the Movement for the actualization of the sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) at the hand of the police, SSS and Soldiers in Nigeria. This paper documents 6 years of killing and abuse in Southeastern Nigeria. more >>

Issue 17 – Samoa’s “Mamala Tree Agreement” promotes profit not healing

Olympia, Washington, USA 5 October 2004 — The Mamala Tree Agreement concluded between the University of California-Berkeley and the Samoan government is destined to falter and breakdown when it becomes clear that the keepers of Samoan knowledge are the proper authorities over the use of traditional medicines and their relationship to the mamala tree is essential to the healing power of its extracts. This agreement is similar to the failed agreement between the University of Georgia, United States government, Mexico and several Mayan Communities touted five years ago as a major accomplishment splitting plant medicine royalties four ways. That agreement failed when the traditional healers organized their opposition and demanded that the agreement be dissolved. The Mamala Tree Agreement should be withdrawn and a moratorium on such agreements should be established until mutually agreed international protocols are put in place. more >>

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