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Issue 16 – Yakama Cultural Leader Wins Beeson Peace Award

November 2002 by

It is rare that the achievements of indigenous leaders are recognized for their importance to humanity by organizations of metropolitan societies, but when they do it is worth congratulating them as well as the person recognized. Yakama nation cultural leader Russell Jim has been presented with the coveted Paul Beeson Peace Award by the respected Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility for his tenacious and untiring efforts to preserve the natural world for “generations yet unborn,” and to give the Yakama Nation’s voice to challenging and demanding the clean-up of the US government’s nuclear disaster called the Hanford Nuclear Reservation built in the Yakama Nation’s front yard. more >>

Issue 15 – Afghanistan is a “fictive state”

September 2001 by

Non-consenting nations are the key to the Region

While Afghanistan has been defined as a “state” in the modern political sense of the word since 1788, its statehood has largely been a fiction that has been preserved by the international community for purposes unrelated to the Fourth World nations inside.

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Issue 14 – States Must Now put in Place a Fourth World Policy

September 2001 by

Counterfeit Islam Stalking with Terror and Fourth World nations are in the Crossfire

Officials of States’ governments, particularly those that are rushing to engage the New World War declared by US President George Bush should stop for a minute and think. States must recognize that they are entering a battle against a globalized movement that is reactionary in character. They must recognize that this movement seeks to use Fourth World nations against the state system. The violence being visited on innocents and combatants alike is intensifying the fear; the anger and the resolve for revenge and Fourth World nations are in the crossfire. more >>

Issue 13 – Red-Haired Indians

April 2001 by

Seeing your own reflection in the eyes of others

A new play about shared Indian and Irish cultures and modern experiences, The Beta Cycle: Bitterroot, Berkeley, Belfast, Beta premiered on stage at the Longhouse in Squaxin territory winning a standing ovation for the seven member cast on April 13. The Open to All Possibilities Players headed by Salish director and poet Victor A. Charlo and producer Zan Agzigian brilliantly bring the Irish and the Indians into sharp parallel focus in this four act play. more >>

Issue 12 – Killing Indians in Colombia

March 2001 by

Replaying the war in Nicaragua, El Salvador only Communism is now Cocaine Indian peoples face “culturocide,” (the killing of a culture) in the bankrupt state of Colombia. This tyranny against Fourth World peoples is not the result only of Colombian social policy. The killing of Colombia’s Fourth World cultures is a direct result of forced removal from their territories, persistent development pressures and pressures of violence by the government, corporations, paramilitary militias and the two insurgency groups Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN).

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Issue 11 – Who Speaks for Indigenous People?

February 2001 by

Though many Fourth World nations will seek out the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum in hopes that it will satisfy their gravest concerns, the new Forum will be unable to do more than write a resolution and soften criticism of states’ governments and corporations. Establishment of this remote body in the bowels of the United Nations will become recognized as a frustrating and serious mistake that will undermine indigenous peoples not protect their interests. more >>

Issue 10 – Innu Crisis of Health and Culture

January 2001 by

On November 23, 2000 the Chief of the Innu community of Davis Inlet in Labrador, Canada, called for a massive airlift of fifty children to be taken to a “detox” center in Toronto to deal with an epidemic of gasoline and solvent sniffing. On November 23, 2000 the Chief of the Innu community of Davis Inlet in Labrador, Canada, called for a massive airlift of fifty children to be taken to a “detox” center in Toronto to deal with an epidemic of gasoline and solvent sniffing. more >>

Issue 9 – Peaceful Warriors Passing Through

December 2000 by

In January and then April of 2000 two of the finest people it has ever been my pleasure to know died at the early ages of 58, 62, a time in one’s life much too early to leave. *** Each is my friend and each in his own way throughout his life served Fourth World nations as a peaceful warrior. more >>

Issue 8 – Come the Fifth Sun: Grandmother and Grandfather Nations Prepare for the Next Great Cycle

March 2000 by

Issue 7 – Indigenous Leaders Forum Meets in Seattle During World Trade Organization Meetings – Challenges Civil Society

February 2000 by

Issue 6 – Debate Over Sale of Water Undermines Indian Sovereignty in Canada

January 2000 by

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