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Fourth World Eye

  • Fears of Pagan Socialism


    In Bron Taylor’s 20 April 2011 Religion Dispatches essay Debate Over Mother Earth’s Rights Stirs Fears of Pagan Socialism, he notes that, “Religious and political conservatives have long feared the global march of paganism and socialism. In their view,” says Taylor, “it was bad enough when Earth Day emerged in 1972, promoting a socialist agenda.… more

  • Made in Israel


    As Gabriel Schivone reports, Israel’s role in Guatemala’s colossal massacres of Mayan Indians in the 1980s was as an intermediary for the United States. Indigenous refugees from atrocities in Central America — that continue to this day — now encounter Israeli-made surveillance towers on the US-Mexico border, where US forces occupy the second largest Native American reservation of Tohono… more

  • Informed Discussion


    With the announcement that the fourth annual Paul de Armond Citizen Journalism Award will be presented to Stephanie Kountouros at Cascadia News Now, a weekly public affairs radio show airing on KMRE, it is possible that round two of the fossil fuel export war at Cherry Point will include informed discussion by citizen journalists, researchers… more

  • Israel’s Occupation not Legal: UN Security Council


    The United Nations Security Council voted 14-0 in favor of a resolution citing Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands as having “no legal validity.” The resolution was originally offered by Egypt and then four states (New Zealand, Malaysia, Senegal and Venezuela) asked that the Security Council vote. The resolution essentially states that Israel’s 50 year occupation… more

  • China’s Eyes & Ears on Uyghurs


    UYGHURSTAN IS UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYES AND EARS of Beijing with 200,000 military, 24-hour patrols and police depots keeping watch on “telephone recharging states, WiFi, umbrellas, wheelchairs and hot tea” to control the Uyghur population. The People’s Republic of China is now implementing George Orwell’s “1984” in the capital of Urumqi, towns, villages and communities of… more