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Israel’s Occupation not Legal: UN Security Council


The United Nations Security Council voted 14-0 in favor of a resolution citing Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands as having “no legal validity.” The resolution was originally offered by Egypt and then four states (New Zealand, Malaysia, Senegal and Venezuela) asked that the Security Council vote. The resolution essentially states that Israel’s 50 year occupation of Palestinian lands and its continued construction of Israeli communities inside Palestinian territory are violations of international laws and must be reversed. The United States of America, one of five veto capable states in the Security Council abstained. The resolution also seeks a hault to “all Israeli settlement activities” in Palestinian territory.

Palestinians must take a responsible position as with other indigenous peoples and act to achieve the two-state plan that has for so long been obstructed. Palestinians and Israelis are historically cousins. The battles must cease. There is no excuse for Israel except for its own obstruction to achieve peace. This is a powerful win for indigenous peoples. For once the international community showed some guts!

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