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About the Associate Scholars Program

The Center for World Indigenous Studies is dedicated to the advancement of traditional knowledge through activist scholarship in public policy analysis, research and education. Fourth World nations throughout the world are faced with significant social, economic, political, strategic and cultural challenges that daily test the resiliency and bedrock nature of these indigenous societies. Meeting those challenges are primarily the responsibility of the people of Fourth World nations, but the Center for World Indigenous Studies can help through the identification and coordination of tested and thoughtful solutions to Fourth World problems. We seek to be helpful through the Associate Scholars Program by calling upon the best and the brightest worldwide among those who work with Fourth World Nations or who are leaders in the Fourth World who will share their knowledge and perspectives for the benefit of Fourth World nations.

An Associate Scholar is an individual dedicated to understanding and applying the ancient knowledge of a Fourth World nation(s) for the benefit of Fourth World nations. Associate Scholars undertake research to elaborate and extend traditional knowledge to explain phenomena, ideas and challenges facing Fourth World Nations and to contribute to the growing body of traditional knowledge for all of humanity.

Associate Scholars have a commitment to mastering information and forming knowledge to ensure the growth and distribution of this knowledge to Fourth World peoples who will use and benefit from such knowledge.

Benefits of Associate Scholarship

An Associate Scholar respects Fourth World communities in research to ensure that studies undertaken are done in a way fully transparent to the society within which a study is taken, technological usage is two-way so that the study community benefits from research technology and researchers benefit from technology related to the study from the society; decision-making is democratic and the research results are directly beneficial to the community or subjectsall done consistent with the Center for World Indigenous Studies Research Code.

An Associate Scholar voluntarily joins with the Center for World Indigenous Studies with no compensation from the Center. Individuals who join as Associate Scholars:
  • Conduct their own independent research or activities in their region of the world and have an opportunity to share the results of that work worldwide.
  • Serve as Faculty in the CWIS Education Department delivering online courses, on-site seminars or workshops.
  • May submit essays or articles for publication by the Center in the Fourth World Journal or as Occasional Papers.
  • May be contracted or otherwise employed by the Center for participation in a political analysis, research or education project.
  • Receive invitations to speak at conferences. Deliver papers and participate in symposia.
  • Become recognized as an Associate Scholar of the Center for World Indigenous Studies.
  • Have access to other Associate Scholars, Fellows working at the Center for World Indigenous Studies.
  • Scholars have free access to the Centers Chief George Manuel Memorial Library and the Research Branch.
  • Participate in online conferences and seminars and receive discounts on publications, multi-media releases and events produced by the Center.
  • Receive the Centers quarterly newsletter.
Scholars are recognized for their contributions to the advancement of traditional knowledge in their area of study. We welcome your efforts for the benefit of Fourth World nations and the future of traditional knowledge.

If you are interested in joining the Associate Scholars please forward a letter of interest and your most recent curriculum vitae to:

Scholars, CWIS

PMB 214
1001 Cooper Point Rd SW #140

Our phone number is 1(360)529-4896

Or you may email it to us directly using the form below: